How online therapy works

Online therapy is also known as online counselling, e-counselling or e-therapy. It's a way of finding help with personal issues without having to be in the same place at the same time as your counsellor.
The experience of working away from friends and family, often in a different cultural and language setting, can be a challenge. Often this coincides with a change of job or circumstances and the combination of these things can cause life to be confusing and uncomfortable.
You may be working difficult shift patterns that mean you are unable to attend counselling - or you may just prefer the idea of online exchanges - online therapy is rapidly becoming an accepted therapeutic discipline.

I provide a confidential service, away from your family, friends, community and colleagues for you to explore your feelings and issues and to gain some perspective of the issues you are facing. This can be done in a variety of ways: skype, telephone and email are all helpful ways of working together. We can discuss which combination of methods you would feel most comfortable with and then agree how to move forwards towards an improvement in your life.

Our options for working together:

Using emails

Often, instead of talking, we type - one of the advantages of this is that you have a record of all our "conversations" and so can refer back to what we've said if you want to go over something or to jog your memory. Some people do find it easier to write down their feelings rather than voice them. If you would like to discuss how online counselling might work for you, please email here. I do not charge for answering your questions before we begin.

Skype facility

I sometimes work by confidential live sessions using skype. Please ensure that you are not using a public computer (in a library for example) and be aware that if you are in a public room, people may look over your shoulder. I would recommend finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed to get the most from our sessions. You can book a skype counselling session at a mutually convenient time for both of us - much like you might book an hour for any appointment. Please email here to discuss a time and day that works for both of us.


Sometimes the good old-fashioned telephone is what feels most comfortable. I do of course, have a landline available for use by prior agreement and we can arrange a session by phone at a time that suits us both. I would recommend that you ensure you are comfortable and somewhere quiet for a session, perhaps with a cup of tea of coffee to ensure you are relaxed.